The Florida Venture Forum is Florida’s premier organization focused on assisting entrepreneurs as they develop and grow their businesses and raise capital in support of these activities.
Please find below the Selection Criteria for presenting company candidates:

• Company Industry: The Florida Venture Forum (“Forum”) seeks Florida-based companies, or those with significant operations or customer base in Florida, representing an array of industries, i.e. there are no set industry requirements.  

• Business Stage: The Florida Early Stage Capital Conference is a “seed through Series A” conference. There are no revenue requirements, however priority is given to companies that are poised to enter or have reached the commercialization phase, characterized by the transformation of a technology and/or business model into a viable commercial business enterprise as demonstrated via market traction in the form of pilot testing with target customers, nominal revenue or other metrics. Funding at this stage is generally sought to finance, amongst others, team expansion, further product development, working capital, and sales and marketing initiatives. The Forum recognizes that development cycles and traction metrics differ by industry, and may be demonstrated via other milestones, such as progression with a regulatory process.

• Company Management: Companies should have fully committed leadership whose primary focus is the development and growth of the business venture.

• Business Planning: Companies should have completed the business planning process and have documents available for review by potential investors that fully describe, at a minimum, the following aspects of the venture: the market and associated value-proposition, competitive landscape, relevant management credentials and experience, financial pro-formas, and historical capitalization (as applicable).

• Equity Investment: The company should be ready for outside equity capital investment to further the development of the business venture. Development should have progressed to the point that potential investors can conduct reasonable due diligence and evaluate the investment opportunity. Typically, companies at this stage of commercialization are seeking between $100,000 and $2,000,000 in a “Seed,” “Angel” or “Series A” investment round.