I understand and agree that none of the Florida Venture Forum, Inc. (the “Florida Venture Forum”) (including for purposes of this notice and disclosure, its officers, board members and sponsors) nor the Conference organizers, sponsors, coaches, participants or attendees are in any way recommending or endorsing any of the presenting companies or any business venture that may present or be discussed at the Conference, and that none of the Florida Venture Forum nor any Conference organizers, sponsors, coaches, participants or attendees intend to or will be involved in any way making, soliciting or inducing any offer, purchase or sale of securities by or to me or my organization.

In addition, I understand and agree that none of the Florida Venture Forum nor any Conference organizers, sponsors, coaches, participants or attendees (1) have reviewed or screened, or passed on or endorsed in any way, any of the documents or information provided or made available by presenting companies or by other participants and attendees at the Conference, or (2), other than pursuant to separate written and signed engagement agreements, are providing or will provide legal, investment, accounting, tax or business advice to me or my organization, and my attendance and participation at the Conference does not create and is not intended to create any attorney-client, accountant-client or other relationship between me and any of the Florida Venture Forum or any of the Conference organizers, sponsors, coaches, participants or attendees.

I acknowledge and understand that each of the presenting companies (including its managers and owners) is solely responsible for compliance with all applicable federal and state securities laws in connection with its or their participation in the Conference, presentations and communications at the Conference, advertising or solicitation communications or efforts, and/or the possible offer or sale of securities to any person who attends or is otherwise involved with the Conference. In addition, I understand that the presentations made and information made available at the Conference is not intended to constitute an offer to purchase or a solicitation of an offer to purchase securities of any kind. I also understand that the Conference organizers have no obligation to ensure, and have not conducted screening procedures to ensure or verify, that Conference participants qualify as (and meet the requirements of) “accredited investors”.

I understand that none of the Florida Venture Forum nor the Conference organizers, sponsors, coaches, participants or attendees of the Conference are acting as underwriters, brokers or agents for any of the presenting companies.

I hereby give permission for the Florida Venture Forum to photograph, interview, record and/or videotape me (including in connection with my presentation and/or participation at the Conference), to be used on the Florida Venture Forum official Web site and for other marketing or promotional purposes. The photographs, recordings and videotapes shall constitute the exclusive property of the Florida Venture Forum, and may be used, marketed and/or reproduced by the Florida Venture Forum without compensation or payment to me, the individual(s) concerned or any other person.

Important Notice: Although neither the Florida Venture Forum nor any of its staff or members, in their capacity as staff, officers, directors or members of the Florida Venture Forum, can offer legal advice to our presenting companies or other Conference attendees, we wanted to make you aware that the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) recently implemented rule changes which impact commonly utilized exemptions (and related safe harbors) from registration under the federal securities laws. In general, all issuances and sales of securities (e.g., stock and/or partnership and LLC interests) in exchange for money must either be registered with the SEC or must satisfy an available exemption from registration (which is why the exemptions, and the ability to prove satisfaction of them, are so important). The SEC’s rule changes, including those regarding equity “crowdfunding”, are subject to various requirements and limitations, including regarding possible “general solicitation” of potential investors. Any company or venture presenting at the Conference or otherwise planning or proposing to offer, issue or sell securities should consult with its own experienced securities counsel regarding applicable securities laws, rules and regulations, available registration exemptions and related planning, preparations, compliance and execution of offering and capital raising activities.