The Florida Venture Forum is calling for outstanding private companies from within and outside the State of Florida toApply to Present at the 2020 Early Stage Capital Conference! Companies wishing to submit an application to present must apply online by filling out the PRESENTER APPLICATION. The Forum does not accept hard copy submissions. Presenter applications will be reviewed and companies chosen by a selection committee made up of active angel and early stage equity investors. This is your opportunity to reach the next level of expansion, through meaningful interaction and exposure to the angel investor community in Florida and beyond.


In addition to the opportunity to present before an audience of active equity investors, selected presenting companies with a focus or technologies in one or more of the commercial markets listed below as related to such companies expanding their use of space-based technologies, or developing technologies that have or may have space-related applications, will be eligible to compete for the Accelerating Innovation (AI) Award, offered by Space FloridaThe AI Award offers cash prizes totaling $100,000  to eligible Florida companies, and out-of-state companies seeking to relocate or establish a presence in Florida or have contributed via the supplier network to the advancement of the space program in Florida. Presenter applications will be reviewed and companies chosen by a selection committee made up of active angel and early stage equity investors. Companies will be notified of their eligibility to compete for the A.I. prize upon notification of their presenter status. Prize money allocation and recipients are determined on site by a panel of judges.

NOTE: Onsite prize determinations are final.

Space Florida Focus Commercial Markets


Companies engaged in specific market sectors that align with the strategic sectors of SF, set forth in its Vision 2020 will be eligible to compete for prize consideration. 
These sectors are:

Information Technology, Health Technology, Knowledge Based Services, Space Transportation And Advanced Aerospace Platforms, Satellite Systems And Science Payloads, Ground And Operations Support Systems, Agriculture, Climate/Environmental Monitoring, Civil Protection And Emergency Management, Iss And Human Life Science (Including Medical Research), Communications, Cyber Security, Adventure Tourism, Clean/Alternative Energy Applications, Advanced Materials And New Products. In Addition To, Aircraft And Spacecraft Design, Parts And Assembly, Engineering Design And Construction, Structural Materials And Electronic Assembly, Data Analytics, Medical And Surgical Innovations, Satellite Communications, Innovations In Planetary Sustainability Towards The Development Of Nutritious Food, Clean Water And Energy, Payload Development, Robotics – Parts, Design And Assembly, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Surveillance, 3D Printing And Innovation, Radiation Protection, Reconnaissance, & Missile Development.

Payment of Fees and Expenses

Selected presenters are not charged a registration fee to attend or present at the conference. Prior to the conference presenters will receive a presenter book which will contain a code presenters may use to register online. 

Early submissions are welcomed and encouraged.