Q: Can I register multiple people or just myself?
A: You may register just yourself or more than one person at one time. Simply register one main contact and then as many guests as you’d like. You can also take advantage of the team rate and register 5 people from the same company. This will allow you to input your credit card information only once for all attendees.

Q: How do I cancel my registration?
A: Due to pre-registration costs and guarantees, refunds or credits are not extended for this event. However, registrations are transferable. The substitute attendee must present a copy of the registration receipt or e-mail verification beforehand to be admitted to the event.

Q: Can I register the day of the event?
A: Yes, you may register the day of the event but why wait…Register early and SAVE with the Summer Savings rate!

Q: Can I register for a one day ticket or for one session of the event?
A: No, the ticket rate includes both half-day sessions and since it is in virtual format viewers can pick and choose which sessions are of interest to them or enjoy the entire show.

Q: What type of payments are accepted?
A: We accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, Discover and AMEX).

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question or issue during my registration?
A: For any questions, please contact Pat Schneider by calling 813-335-8116 or email

Q: What is venture capital?
A: Venture capital is defined as the classic investment in the illiquid equity securities of a privately held business. Classic venture capital funds are managed by institutions (usually limited partnerships) which are staffed by full time professionals. Venture capital funds are motivated solely by the goal of producing capital gains and (less often) current returns on the securities in which they invest.

Q: What are some common characteristics of venture capital?
A: Venture capital funds make long term investments in companies averaging 3-7 years. These funds target compound annual investment returns in the range of 25% to 100%. They are compensated primarily based upon the actual performance of the investments made.

Q: What criteria do venture capitalists look at when evaluating a company for investment?
A: Venture capitalists target high growth companies with the potential in three to seven years of exponential growth. The main criteria venture capitalists look at include the expertise of the management team, the thoroughness of the business plan, management’s ability to execute the business plan and the growth potential of the product or service.

Q: What are angel investors?
A: These investors are private individuals who make investments in a company in exchange for equity ownership. Angel investors typically include family members, friends, associates and high net worth individuals looking for alternative investments.

Q: I am relocating to Florida and seeking employment. How can I network with your organization?
A: To network with members of the Florida Venture Forum, JOIN our Friends of the Forum Membership Community today or SUBSCRIBE to the Forum’s mailing list to be notified of  all upcoming events and activities.