Admiral, (www.getadmiral.com), Gainesville, the company helps digital publishers grow visitor relationships & revenue, via adblock recovery, digital subscriptions, email subscriptions, social growth, privacy consent & more. Admiral has pioneered Visitor Relationship Management (VRM), analogous to “Hubspot for Media Companies” to put the right offer, in front of the right visitor, at the right time to optimize revenue.

Apex Order Pickup Solutions, (www.apexorderpickup.com/), Mason, Ohio, the company is the global market leader in the rapidly expanding global contactless order pickup market focused primarily on the restaurant and foodservice sectors. Apex deployed the first contactless order pickup solution at scale in the restaurant industry for Little Caesar’s. They are now building on that huge marketplace success to provide a best-in-class contactless order pickup solution to the global foodservice and restaurant industry.

Censys Technologies Corporation, (www.censystech.com), Daytona Beach, the company is an aerospace tech company specializing in unmanned aviation and remote sensing. They sell products and services that maximize the quality and rate of data collection and movement of items from one place to another.

Harness, (www.harnessgiving.com), Tampa, is an experiential fundraising platform that allows non-profits, banks and retailers to launch seamless giving experiences designed to delight consumers and drive customer loyalty. They serve as the backbone of the purpose-driven economy, connecting brands and consumers to causes making a difference within their hyper local communities.

Leasecake, (www.leasecake.com/), Winter Park, the company easily tracks every time-sensitive, business-critical event in a SaaS platform for improved team collaboration helping business owners get ahead of the hundreds of location-related events impacting their operations.

Lineus Medical, (www.lineusmed.com), Fayetteville, Arkansas, is the maker of SafeBreak Vascular, a break-away connector that aids in the reduction of peripheral IV lines complications requiring an IV restart. SafeBreak was cleared by the FDA for sale on May 27, 2021 via the De Novo review process.

Lucerno Dynamics, LLC, (www.lucerno.com/), Cary, North Carolina, the company  is a commercial-stage medical device and software company with breakthrough platform technology that has multiple applications in many large and clinically important healthcare markets. Lucerno’s initial product solves a nuclear medicine problem (radiopharmaceutical extravasation) that creates 2 distinct concerns: jeopardizing patient safety and compromising patient care.

MedShorts, LLC, (www.medshorts.com/), Orlando, is a privately held Florida-based healthcare technology services company. It offers a virtual marketplace that serves 65 pharmaceutical manufacturers and leverages algorithms to match surplus and short-dated medications in the supply chain with hundreds of health systems (primarily hospital pharmacies) in need of such medication.

OneRail, (www.onerail.com/), Orlando, is an operating system that automates and optimizes final mile logistics for shippers, saving them up to 70% OPE, increasing the speed of fulfillment by 30%, and reducing transportation cost by more than 15%. OneRail was founded in Orlando, FL in 2018 and today has over 100 employees, raising $21.5mm in just over 18 months. 

Sourcefuse, (www.sourcefuse.com/), Neptune Beach, the company is transforming the way today’s most successful companies digitize their processes and leverage cloud-technology to advance on their technology roadmap. As a leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, SourceFuse has delivered over 600 AWS implementations that boost efficiency, ensures compliance, delivers actionable insights and lowers total cost of ownership.

StemRad, (www.stemrad.com/), Tampa, is a world leader in the provision of personal radiation protection solutions. Their technology is the first to offer life-saving protection from penetrating ionizing radiation and is making the lives of first responders, soldiers, utility personnel, medical teams and
astronauts safer without compromising mission objectives.

Streann Media, (www.streann.com/), Doral, Business-to-Business (B2B): Streann’s mobile-first product suite includes >150+ tools and features that enable client content to be viewed on as many platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Roku, Connected TVs, etc.) and devices (phone, tablet, desktop or web) as possible. Programmatic Ads Technology patent pending, that increases Viewability Rates & Completion Rates with non-intrusive formats.

Trash Butler, (www.trashbutler.com/), Tampa, is a tech-enabled, valet trash service provider and sustainability expert with recycling solutions designed for multi-family communities. They currently service over 180,000+ units across 33 states in the US and have been voted one of the top amenities by residents and property managers.

VerdeGo Aero, (www.verdegoaero.com/), Daytona Beach, is a leader in high-performance propulsion technologies for electric aircraft. There is a multi-billion dollar market for aerospace-grade electric propulsion systems and VerdeGo’s hybridelectric powerplants are the link between the sustainable fuels industry and electrification of aircraft.

Veterans Home Care, (www.veteranshomecare.com/), St, Louis, Missouri, the company has a program called VetAssist that helps Veterans of wartime and their survivors get access to at VA bene called Aid & Attendance that is used for assistance with daily living. Through the rollout of their proprietary home care technology SmartCompanion and their 4,000+ agency network, they can provide Veterans the best possible home care experience.

VOS Systems, (www.vosiq.com/), Gainesville, the company built the world’s most comprehensive IoT-enabled platform to connect people and everything around people in order to improve workplace safety and productivity. Their technology is being used by the U.S Department of Defense, fortune 500 companies, and tens of organizations of different sizes and from different industries.

Xplorie, LLC, (www.xplorie.com/), Destin, is the leading guest experience solution provider to the leisure travel industry, delivering turnkey activity programs, on-demand concierge services, and voice-assisted solutions to travelers through an innovative technology platform. The platform is used by vacation rental property management companies and other lodging providers to enhance the guest experience, increase occupancy and nightly rates, as well reduce operating costs.

Xendoo Inc, (www.xendoo.com/), Ft. Lauderdale, the company is a cloud-based Fintech company delivering intelligent automation in the online accounting and bookkeeping space. Small business owners lack consistent visibility into their financials to make timely and meaningful decisions for growing their business. Xendoo solves the problem of an archaic industry that lacks the technology and understanding of the modern world for small business owners.