The Florida Venture Forum, established in 1984, is the leading entrepreneurial and private company investor networking group in Florida, providing Florida-based companies (and their owners and managers) with unique strategic education and guidance and opportunities to interact with and present to active funds and other equity investors as well as other members of the entrepreneurial and emerging company ecosystem. To date, Florida-based companies presenting at Forum conferences have raised ~$6 Billion in equity capital to date. Founded in 1984, the Florida Venture Forum is a non-profit member organization dedicated to providing educational and networking opportunities for Florida-based entrepreneurs and private companies committed to substantial growth, so that they can successfully achieve their plans and attract and connect with private investment capital sources. The Forum’s board and membership includes prominent and active venture capital funds, Florida’s two largest angel funds, family offices, strategic corporate investors, and a number of substantial law, accounting and investment banking firms active in Florida’s private equity investment ecosystem.


Connecting Florida Entrepreneurs and Capital Sources to Foster a Thriving Innovation Economy.