January 30th, 2018 from 7:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.
150 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701
Enjoy an evening of networking, music, libations and food!
The VIP Welcome Reception is an invitation-only event reserved exclusively for senior-level, fund-based VCs, and other senior-level investors in decision-making roles with firms that make direct, equity investments, VIP Reception Sponsors, and Forum Board Members. All attendees must be registered for both the reception and the 2019 Florida Venture Capital Conference. The reception provides an unparalleled networking opportunity before the official conference programming begins.
Please note: Conference registration is required and is non transferable.


About the James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art:

The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art will revive interest and passion about the history of the American West.

The James Museum has its roots in the deeply felt passion for art and culture shared by co-founders Tom and Mary James, and in the couple’s love for St. Petersburg, the city where they live.

Years ago, when their travels took them out West, they were captivated by the art, landscape and wildlife. The art of action and attention to place created by contemporary artists greatly moved them, and they began buying pieces not only for their personal pleasure, but also to help the artists earn a living. These two dedicated patrons of the arts collected works in oil, in ink, in stone; works that define genres yet defy labels; works that evoke the spirit of a wide open frontier and the beauty of life in the wild. Since their first acquisition, a vast artistic legacy has grown — one populated by emerging artists and living legends and filled with tribal tradition and classical finesse.

In building this splendid home for a part of their vast personal collection of Western and wildlife art, Tom and Mary also have succeeded in their aim to share their vision and devotion to art with you and thousands of others.