Forum Spotlight: Andrew Hafer and USF’s Center for Entrepreneurship
March 30, 2023

Dr. Andrew Hafer is an experienced founder with a demonstrated history of building community around disparate constituent groups in order to accomplish a common good. His career, so far, appears in three chapters.

The first chapter was in enterprise innovation and technology for large corporations. The second chapter was entrepreneurial, building companies to fill gaps in the marketplace. The third chapter is just unfolding and is focusing on helping others achieve their goals, which he will be able to do in his new position as the Executive Director for Muma College of Business’s Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of South Florida.

Andy says, “I went to USF in undergrad and grad school and thought of USF as a place where people went to go get degrees. I knew there was a lot of research going on but assumed it was not necessarily research that would help me with today’s business problems. 

When I enrolled in the doctorate program in the Muma College of Business a few years ago, I was astounded to discover so much more. I kicked myself for never understanding that research and the academic community could be so practical and useful to me as a business leader.

My goal for joining USF’s Center for Entrepreneurship is to create community-facing programs that act as accessible portals for anyone who desires to plug-in to be able to take advantage of the rich resources that the university has to offer.” 

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