You are invited to present at the 29th Annual Florida Venture Capital Conference, as the organization celebrates its 35th anniversary of bringing together Florida Entrepreneurs and Capital Sources to Foster a Thriving Innovation Economy.

These applications will be reviewed by a selection committee comprised of venture capitalists and private equity investors. If selected, presenting companies will be charged $599 for the first conference attendee and a $50 exhibit fee. There is also a discounted fee of $399 per additional company team member.

The Florida Venture Forum does not accept hard copy submissions. The Forum shall have the sole and absolute discretion to withdraw an accepted presenter application for any reason, including discovery of discrepancies in information provided by applicant to the Forum. Early submissions are welcomed and encouraged.

The Investor based Selection Committee is looking for Florida based companies with the following criteria:
  • The Forum’s Investor Selection Committee is looking for companies with the following criteria:

  • Mid-to-Later Stage companies with revenues of 3 million and up.

  • Preference is given to technology enabled companies. However, the Selection Committee will consider all industries.

  • Later Stage companies that have management teams with domain expertise and/or have raised institutional capital will receive consideration.

  • There is also consideration for Life Science companies with minimal revenue requirement.

  • Florida-based companies will receive priority treatment, but we welcome and expect to accept non-Florida based applicants.

  • Companies must execute a standard Commitment of Participation & Consent/Release Form.

  • If companies have presented in the last two years, they are generally ineligible to present, unless there has been dramatic change in their growth trajectory or business model.

  • The Forum is also looking for diversification of industry, geography and stage.

Presenting Company Benefits

  • A digital presenter’s book with Conference details and an example of a well-executed business plan presentation.

  • Coaching opportunity for each presenter to meet with an expert to guide them through their presentation.

  • A current list of VCs and investors registered to-date, so that presenters can contact before, during and after the Conference.

  • Discounted admission structure to help defray the costs of a company utilizing their team to attend.

  • A telephonic pre-conference where presenters will have an exchange with experts regarding topics such as: Valuations, What VCs are looking for in a company, Dynamics of the Funding process, etc.

  • Media coverage for each presenting company to showcase their companies to investors and other interested parties.

  • Scheduled one-on-one meetings between potential investors and presenters will be set up during the Conference.

  • All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee comprised of venture capitalists and private equity investors.

  • There is no cost to apply. However, there is a cost to attend: $599 Registration rate for the first attendee, $50 exhibit table fee, and a $399 discounted fee per person from the presenting company.

  • Presenters will be featured throughout “Forum’s Finest” which will be a published list of presenters and “companies to watch”. This will be promoted on the Forum’s web site and in other PR-related communications. This creates additional exposure and opportunities beyond the conference.

  • Additionally, selected company applications will be shared with our vetted investor members on an ongoing basis.