The #1 connection to VC funding in Florida and beyond.

How The Forum Helps Founders

1. Growth-phase companies apply to present.

Companies seeking funding fill out an application. They must have a successfully tested product, a track record of sales, and a committed leadership team.

2. Investors and leaders listen to pitches at Forum events.

The Forum hosts multiple exciting and energetic events throughout the year. Selected companies will have the opportunity to pitch in front of a live audience and potential venture capital lenders.

3. Top companies close deals with capital and service providers.

Once funding is secured, the Forum continues to keep in touch with the growth stage companies, investors, and providers. We promote your success and make any additional connections when we can.

Requirements to Pitch

Each application is carefully reviewed by an investor-led selection committee. While there are no strict rules and guidelines for acceptance, the committee generally looks for companies that fit most of the following criteria:

Florida-based, or other strong Florida connection such as Florida-based executives/employees, board members, investors, major clients, etc.

In an industry with significant growth potential and active VC investment

Revenue traction, typically in the ~$3M+/yr range. Companies with lower revenue are encouraged to apply if other attributes are present, such as management with successful venture/exit history, substantial partnerships, significant market adoption, regulatory approvals (healthcare companies), etc.

Full-time, committed management

Ready for Series A or later equity capital investment