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Eighteen months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the VC industry has continued to prove its resiliency while also directly supporting the country’s economic recovery and strengthening public markets. VC-backed public listings have eclipsed previous annual records and generated $513.6 billion in exit value YTD for limited partner investors, founders, and employees.
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2021 Bridge Bank Life Sciences Markets to Watch

Bridge Bank’s Life Sciences Group is a team of experienced bankers with a national footprint. We work with biotechnology, medical devices, pharma and diagnostics/tools in all stages of development. We can find a specialized solution for you putting your mind at ease, so you can focus on what’s important — managing your business and achieving your goals.
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Both early-stage and late-stage VC valuations saw a sharp expansion across all quartiles in Q2. At the early stage, the median and average pre-money valuations both notched records in Q2 of $50.0 million and $105.4 million, respectively. Meanwhile, at the late stage, the median & average pre-money valuations in Q2 reached $160.0M and $882.4M, bringing the H1 2021 median & average to a record-high $130.0M and $914.0M.
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PitchBook Q2 2021 Analyst Note A.I. Opportunities in Foodtech

In recent years, food system data capture points have dramatically expanded. This expansion includes consumer preference data captured through e-commerce, digitized food ingredients and nutritional information, and consumer and industrial equipment that can harvest vast quantities of production and distribution data. And it is not just the quantity of data that has grown but also its ability to be gathered and processed in near real time.
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Check out the latest webinar, hosted by Las Olas Venture Capital, titled “Fundraising Tips for B2B SaaS Seed-Stage Founders” The panel featured Mark Volchek discussing fundraising tips for founders such as common mistakes and best practices in an “Ask-Me-Anything” type of format.




Overview by Kyle Stanford, Analyst, PitchBook Data

In this brief introductory overview, Kyle will walk you through a high-level industry overview on what is going on in the market not only in Florida but around the U.S that are driving this sector forward!

Florida Venture Education Foundation, Inc.

The Florida Venture Education Foundation provides entrepreneurs and growing venture stage companies with strategic coaching through events and other educational activities. The organization’s goal is to provide entrepreneurs with a solid knowledge base throughout the complex funding process. To accomplish its mission the Foundation will be hosting events and other forums where industry experts, capital resources and other professionals share expertise and perspective with entrepreneurs from a variety of industries.

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