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Withum SPAC Experience Report

Withum underwent a substantial due diligence process with the largest and most prominent investment banking firms in the country.
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Q3 2020 Florida Venture Report

After a record 2019, the Florida venture ecosystem has still stayed resilient registering $1.4 Billion invested across 200+ transactions!
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Q2 2020 Private Market PlayBook

Around the world, countless companies large and small have hit upon creative ways to ride out the economic chaos unleashed by the largest public health crisis in a century.
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Q1 2020 PitchBook NVCA Venture Monitor

After 2019 posted another strong year for the US startup ecosystem, it was hard to imagine the industry would be facing a new period of transition as a result of a global pandemic within just three months of the new year.
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2020 State Of The Ecosystem Report

The 2020 Florida Venture Capital Yearbook provides venture capital data for funds and venture-backed companies headquartered in Florida.
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Venture Capital/Growth Equity:
What Investors Look for When Investing in Florida Tech Companies

Technology Executives Roundtable:

Five Key Takeaways:

  1. Cyber companies are booming in Tampa; investors are noticing.
  2. Investors want to see passion and an all-in approach from founders.
  3. Total Addressable Market data is overblown – founders should focus on actual financials and future steps for growth.
  4. Showing consistent growth is imperative for entrepreneurs.
  5. Interest rates continuing to stay low = green light for investors.

Florida Venture Education Foundation, Inc.

The Florida Venture Education Foundation provides entrepreneurs and growing venture stage companies with strategic coaching through events and other educational activities. The organization’s goal is to provide entrepreneurs with a solid knowledge base throughout the complex funding process. To accomplish its mission the Foundation will be hosting events and other forums where industry experts, capital resources and other professionals share expertise and perspective with entrepreneurs from a variety of industries.

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