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“The Florida Venture Forum Early Stage Capital Conference has gotten better every year and is hands down the premier venue to see a diverse collection of early stage companies and interact with experienced, active investors in this space.”

Ben Patz, Managing Partner, Deepwork Capital

“Florida Venture Forum is the premier setting for entrepreneurs and investors alike to exchange ideas, and network. As an entrepreneur, I can rely on the Florida Venture Forum to bring top caliber speakers, entrepreneurs and investors, where I can learn and build a true relationship.”

Jaeson Bang, CEO, Oracle Health, Inc.

“Having attended and sponsored the Early Stage Capital Conference during previous years, I can say without hesitation that it is incredibly valuable for anyone who is investing in or interested in early stage venture capital in the South East. Some of Florida’s most exciting scaling companies have presented at the conference.”

Marc Blumenthal, Partner, Florida Funders

“One of the personal joys I take from the Early Stage Conference, is witnessing capital and investments going to determined entrepreneurs, and those harboring smart innovative technologies. The Forum has created pathways for success that effectively guide participants, while also providing a rewarding platform for serious investors.”

Tony Gannon, VP Research & Innovation, Space Florida

“Not only do you get to see the best seed and Early Stage companies but the exciting part is there’s a bunch of investors, like myself, sitting in the audience looking to deploy capital and invest in those companies!”

Tim Cartwright, Partner, Fifth Avenue Family Office

“Being an active member of the Florida Venture Forum has given us access to some of the most promising young tech companies in Florida.  The annual Florida Venture Forum Capital Conference brings together some of the most innovative entrepreneurs and early stage companies in Florida. If you are running a startup, attendance at the Capital […]

Arthur Unger, Managing Director, Eisner Amper

“The Florida Venture Forum is the single best opportunity to meet with leading entrepreneurs across the state and connect with a broad range of capital sources nationwide.”

Spence McClelland, General Partner, Noro-Moseley Partners

“Florida is a huge state with several distinct and different markets. The Florida Venture Forum and the annual Florida Venture Capital Conference bring everything together. In two days we are able to meet with hundreds of other investors, referral sources, and the most attractive growth companies in the state. The conference should be #1 on the list for anyone serious about the venture industry in Florida.”

Frank Dalton, Co-founder & Partner, Fulcrum Equity Partners

“Ballast Point Ventures has been a long-time supporter of the Florida Venture Forum and sponsor of the annual Florida Venture Capital Conference.  As the most active venture fund in Florida over the last decade, we have found that the Florida Venture Forum and associated conferences throughout the year are invaluable resources for our firm as we identify the most promising growth companies within the state.”

Sean Barkman, Principal, Ballast Point Ventures

“The Florida Venture Capital Conference is a must attend for anyone interested in connecting with the most active and engaged firms, professionals and entrepreneurs in the venture and growth capital industry. The conference, as well as other events produced by the Florida Venture Forum, are a great way to effectively and efficiently cover a large […]

Jennifer Dunham, Partner, Arsenal Venture Partners

“The Florida Venture Capital Conference is one of the best opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect with capital funding sources.  As a presenter or as an attendee, you’ll gain access to hundreds of venture capitalists and private equity fund managers, giving you the opportunity to share your ideas with people that can really make difference in […]

Andrew K. Davies, CEO, Strategic Planning Online

“Harbert is a longtime supporter and sponsor of the Florida Venture Forum and Florida Venture Capital Conference, and without question there is no better way to cover a large state like Florida than through membership and attendance at Forum events. In just a couple days we can meet with almost every player in venture and […]

Wayne L. Hunter, Managing Partner, Harbert Venture Partners

“The Florida Venture Capital Conference is an indispensable resource for entrepreneurs in the Southeast U.S. The conference brings together hundreds of venture capitalists, family offices and angel investors interested in Florida-based investing. This concentration of interest and brainpower helps entrepreneurs make far better use of their time when seeking investors and strategic relationships. I am […]

Albert Santalo, Founder & CEO, 8Base

The Florida Venture Forum was key to securing our recent $3 million Series A investment. Not only did we meet our investors there, we benefitted greatly from a process that helped us strengthen our pitch. The knowledge gained and the people I met at The Forum forever changed InformedDNA for the better.

David Patrick Nixon, CEO, Informed Medical Decisions, Inc.

The Florida Venture Capital Conference™ is a must attend event!

April Young, Managing Director, Hercules Technology Growth Capital

The Florida Venture Forum has been a great support of ClassWallet. They have shown a true dedication to the Florida startup ecosystem. ClassWallet has made many key connections through the Forum.

Jamie Rosenberg, CEO, ClassWallet

The Florida Venture Forum Capital Conference™ proved to be the right catalyst for our recent capital raise. CareSync was fortunate to be chosen to present at the convention and the coaching provided by the Forum helped us craft a presentation that drove a great amount of interest and booth traffic. The combination of the venue, […]

Scott Tappan, Executive Advisor, CareSync

The Florida Venture Forum is the go to organization for venture and private equity investors to build their network and connect with emerging growth companies in the State of Florida.

Richard Maclean, Managing Partner, Frontier Capital

The Florida Venture Forum was a vital resource in developing, vetting and funding Channel Intelligence. Their forums provided a key environment where we were able to come together with investors and share great ideas, innovation and technology.

Rob Wight, CEO, myList


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